1st Space Financial Institution plans to be the first Super Bank in world. With 3.5 Trillion shares authorized and 1.785 trillion shares outstanding at a par value of $1 per share makes us the Super Bank of the Future. Not just the amount of shares alone but the new technology we building for the future of banking. We have 1 trillion more shares than J.P. Morgan Chase has in total assets (2.5 trillion). If you are tired of conventional banks and are looking for the next hottest stock to buy look no further we have what you are looking for.

You must contact us directly to request a prospectus and other information.

We are working on a financial operating system that is virtually un-hackable and is proprietary to the banking industry. We will be the only bank that has access to this system and it’s many benefits. Other banks will be able to lease our system once we have everything in place. But not until we have worked out all the details to make the system inaccessible to outsiders. By that we mean only 1st Space Financial employees will have access to the operating system.

We are also working on technology that will make credit/debit cards obsolete. Never again will you have to carry a wallet with all of your credit/debit cards in your pocket. No more carrying cash in your wallet it isn’t needed anymore. Our revolutionary mobile banking system will resemble a small skinny (actually a flat thin cell phone). It will store all of your credit/debit cards in digital format. No more logging onto your bank to see your transactions. Ever forgot your password or user ID? Not necessary anymore, all of it is stored on our device. It is still the size of your credit/debit card but flexible¬†and it is transparent when not in use.