About Us

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Why do we need another bank aka finance institution? Because we are in the age of technology, we need to keep up with the ever increasing growth of our planet and the fact that technology is bringing us closer together. When seen from space our planet seems so small compared to the solar system we live in. If you have accounts in multiple countries you already know the difficulties of gaining access to your money when you travel around the globe. If you are in London today and Hong Kong tomorrow you need access to your funds without limitations and interference from governments, banks, and even merchants themselves.

If you are in Brazil and you want to set up internet service in your summer cottage or apartment and you want it billed monthly on your credit/debit card issued from the USA good luck they don’t accept it. This will be eliminated with your new account here.

Merchants will receive free equipment and much lower transaction fees when they open accounts with us. The average credit card transaction fees vary but on average are around 2.5% of the transaction. Our fees are .5% to 1% never more than that. In some cases they might be as low as .15% depending on how good you are as a customer and how friends you bring to us. Oh! Just so you know some fees can and will be waived depending on you our customer. Our goal is to make you more profitable and and us too.

You might also consider joining UNITED INTERPLANETARY SPACE ALLIANCE to help prevent governments and organizations from monopolizing space. This organization is an organization that will protect free commerce in space and prevent any one government, agency, or business from trying to control space. Some might consider this an organization like Star Trek’s United Federation of Planet’s it is and it isn’t. It is an alliance between all peoples, governments, agencies and business organizations from the entire globe. Join us today and help set the policies of the future and for the future of space.