Personal Finance

As we continue to grow and develop you will have access to your account only through the banking device. Access to your account is not accessible through the internet because of the sensitive nature of your personal information. We feel that your security and vital information is priority one for us. The internet currently allows to many unscrupulous and unauthorized access to our personal information. Are we paranoid no, we believe that some information should be kept private. Our motto is if you have nothing to hide then you are safe with us.

You can sign up for an account and when the first devices are ready you will receive it within a few days after they become available.

We apologize in advance for not showing you what the device will look like due to patents pending, and technology secrets. Because of the nature of the device it must be kept from prying eyes until it debuts.

If you want a preview of what it might look like here are a few photos of from the movie Iron Man and Tony Starks (played by Robert Downey Jr.) cell phone.