1st Space Financial

Welcome to 1st Space Finance your financial institution The Mega Bank of the Future. All your banking and financial solutions in one place with less fees, service charges and your own personalized debit/credit card of the future. No more remembering user ID’s and passwords. No more outrageous bank overdraft fees.

Our debit/credit cards are transparent and only you can access its interface. When not in use it becomes transparent no numbers to be stolen no hackers to gain access to your vital information. It has many other features not available at any other financial institution. This device is free to the first 1 million customers that sign up today. After this offer expires we will require a minimum deposit to cover the cost of the device and updates. This technology is new and has not entered the market yet. It is un-hackable and cannot be copied or duplicated, any tampering with it automatically wipes the device clean no access to any of your information. The operating system is contained on a chip that will literally melt if the device is tampered with. Now you are wondering what about your latest transactions what happens to them? In a matter of milliseconds (at the speed of light) all of your data is transferred to our databases. (From the days of 007 this message will self destruct in 3 seconds or in this case in less than a millisecond or nanosecond)

Our operating system has a built in mechanism to thwart hackers and governments from gaining access. It is very simple any unauthorized access to the system the system then targets the hacker and all computers attached to it and shuts them down. Unfortunately it will shut down all known systems until it reaches the targeted computer. It will shut down all servers along the way as well. Why use such drastic measures? Because it is a new age of computing to keep our privacy intact. We will be monitoring all transactions and policing our databases  to prevent drug cartels from laundering money, to terrorism from being financed through our organization. We will be working in conjunction with all known government agencies on a one way basis to find and eliminate all threats to your finances.

Your bank is free from the laws that govern banks on earth because it is located in space and because it is in space you have access to your account anywhere on earth. No carrier fees, no international bank fees, no cross border restrictions. If you want to deposit $1 million dollars you can, with no limits on daily deposits or withdrawals. We do not provide overdraft protection instead we provide a simple method of loans to cover your overage. If your overage is very large we only accept your first born as payment, (just kidding). Any financial situation has a solution and we will work with you to find it.

We are very interested in financing the Aerospace industry. Including Venture capital, angel investing, IPOs (Initial Public Offerings) even loans on stocks. Every financial instrument you need we can handle. Act now to protect your assets.

Investing–We have it, Savings we have the best rates. Why! because we do not have to pay government taxes, fees, and the like.

We do require membership in the bank and it is a one time fee to help us cover the expenses of launching your bank.

We have Trillions of dollars to finance your dream. Sign up today and see your dream come true.

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